Head-pieces for the New Year!

Just finished up what I call great head-pieces. These 4 particular pieces I enjoyed doing them. Again, I’m a bargain hunter all the way. I usually look for clearance, 75% off, discount or sale.  I never pay full price for anything.

If I catch something that is on sale, I buy it. My daughters call me an organized hoarder, they would ask what I want that for and I would say, you may never know. I also recycle some of my pieces, put it this way, I never throw anything away.

These 4 pieces I made are 4 totally different style as you’ll see. Now the feathers that was added on was bought on sale of course, I also have them in black and ready to come up with another piece.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

First one is my all white feather, I need to start giving them names. This feather all white piece is a great wedding piece. Wrapped up in white satin ribbon with a little bling at the side of it. The feather on these feathers have a little bit of glitter at the edges of the feather.






Second piece is an all brown, with brown, beige and creme feather with a burgundy broach that i bought for very cheap. Wrapped in brown satin ribbon. I really love this piece. Again the feather were bought at a cheap price.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                           OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now this third piece can also be worn as a wedding piece. I bought the lace pieces at the fabric store a while ago, now you see when I say I’ll buy something that’s on sale and at the moment I may not have nothing plan for that piece but in due time I will. The beautiful broach on this piece again bought for very cheap. It’s such an elegant piece.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                            OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Last but surely not least is my bling out purple and silver headpiece. I had bought this material for a diaper cake I had the opportunity to do for someone. I had left overs, so why not make a headpiece with it. It was wrapped in white satin ribbon.


Let me show you what I can do with left over materials, what I call recycle. I can either put a clip at the back of it or add it on to anything.



I want to try to display my pieces a Fashion Week Brooklyn or collaborate with a designer to show off these beautiful pieces. I was invited on two occasion by Fashion Week Brooklyn to attend their Fashion Week and I had the pleasure of going. Now I want to see if I got what it takes to display these babies.






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