My DIY Glittery Cake and Cupcake Stand

One thing I never do is throw away left over materials from other projects. I keep my scraps so to speak. Even when something breaks I keep whatever part is salvageable and use it.

This particular cake stand was made from a mirror that broke, not the mirror itself but the frame. I recycle everything. I even recycle my t-shirts or just old shirts and make cloths to clean up my counters or bathroom with.

The stand for both pieces are glass candleholders i refurbish and by the way I keep my glass jars from the candle after I use it. Some candle jars have tops so I keep those for several things, one particular is candy jars. Depending on the event I will use them on the table.

The top part of the stand is a dummy cake. I had bought three of in three different sizes, but with dummy cakes they tend to start turning colors. So I use them for other things like for instant that cake holder.

The rim around both pieces I bought at Amazon, its’s the 2’inch plated metal ribbon. Excellent when doing cake stands.

Now I will mention that the tiara and wand on it was purchased at Dollar Tree. I used Krylov Colormaster Metallic spray paint I purchased at Home Depot and I have a bag of rhinestones I added on to it. If you ask me it doesn’t look like a tiara purchased at Dollar Tree.

All pieces was spray painted and glittered all the way, now I use all sorts of different glitter. One particular one and my favorite is Martha Stewart Fine Glitter, I live by it but the glitter used here are three different glitters.

So next time you have something that you think is no good, think about it, think about what can you do with it. That is how I end up with some of my pieces.



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