No Sew Face Masks

Ok real quick on how to make a NO SEW sock mask. As I demonstrated with the pictures below, first thing first is to cut the heel and toe part of the sock as demonstrated on the picture. Then you cut each side, that’s going to be what you put over your ears. Add a folded paper towel in it, and wala there you have it. Make sure after you cut the sock to shake off the small pieces.

With this mask you can throw it away and do a new one. Socks was purchased at Dollar Tree and it has three pair It, so basically you’re doing 6 masks for a dollar. I also did a little test to it. I took my lighter and try to blow the fire out and it couldn’t.

Things needed

Only three things needed for this project and by the way this was a video I saw and decided to try it myself.

Just for the record I saw this tutorial on this mask and thought to try and see how affective it is and it is.  

1. Socks

2. Scissors

3. Paper towel

At the bottom is my Youtube video to this tutorial> Make sure to subscribe to my channel. 








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