Family Mantle Decor

I found two pieces of wood planks in the streets, and yes I do pick up street finds lol. I decided to do something with them or at least one of them. The first coat of paint was brown the paint was from Michael’s (Craft Smart, Expresso), and the second layer of paint was white. When it dried up i took sanding paper and sanded it a little, enough for the brown to pop out..

I had to wood boxes from DT and painted them the same way. I put some small wood blocks on the bottom of the wood boxes. Now let me let you know that everything on this piece was purchased at Dollar Tree with the exception of the wood plank.

After painting the boxes I then glued them on the wood plank, added the family sign on to it and put the flowers on. Make sure to click on the YouTube link for step by step on they DIY Project.

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