Valentine’s Day Hearts

Ohh how cute are these hearts and all made by me. I just made to and don’t know where I’ll put them at, maybe a basket, or a Valentine arrangement.

It doesn’t getting any cuter than this. These are clear hearts purchased at Dollar Tree, but i couldn’t find the clear ones so I bought the red clear. I painted some and covered others. I made a pink, red, beige and yes a black one. The pieces added to them was from prior projects. Now the black and red heart I made the pieces on them from a hot glue gun and a silicone baking mold.

The thing about me is that I buy when I see something at an excellent price. It’s bought for future projects lol. My girls call me an organized hoarder.

With these hearts is all about painting, gluing and adding special pieces on them. On the Youtube links it shows you the pieces I used for all of them.

Make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel, but checkout the link below on how I put these beauties together.

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