Valentine’s Day Wreath

Love is in the air and so is Nora’s DIY projects. I did an wreath similar to this one but in a Welcome Sign for Thanksgiving.

I did the same procedure I did with the Welcome one. I took a wood shape heart and just added the paper book flowers I made and by the way the link on how to make these flowers is on the bio in our YouTube video.

Wood planks, love sign, black chalk paint and wood heart was purchased at Dollar Tree. red paint was at Home Depot. What I do is buy the sample paints which are much cheaper that buying them from a craft store. Black and white ribbon was purchased at Michael’s which I got it at I believe 75% off and ended buying it for cheap (smart shopping).

What I also did was elevate the heart with wood blocks I purchased at Dollar Tree just so it won’t lay flat on the wood planks.

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