Home Decor Stand

You can pay high price for your home decor, I chose to make my own. This decor was under $5. It can even better when you find treasures in the street. I have two bird cage i found and ready to decor it for easter.

This was an easy one, the house and home sign, wood blocks underneath, and Jute ribbon purchased at Dollar Tree. Now the flowers are handmade by me. The link is on the Youtube video in the bio section.

Paint was purchased at Home Depot. These are the sample size which is much inexpensive than those small chalk paints. I only get them when they are on sale but Home Depot is the place to get them.

I used 2 colors to get that old rustic look and sand it lightly. Glued on the flowers with a hot glue gun.

Click on the link below on how to put this piece together. Make sure to Subscribe, Follow, Share, Comment, Like and give it a Big Thumbs Up!

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