Dome Bunny Stand

Look how stinking cute this DIY project turned out! All items from Dollar Tree with the exception of the bunny, that I bought at Target two came in a bag.

The stand is two candle holders, the dome is plastic and I added a round wood piece. I did what I normally do when it comes to painting and because I didn’t have brown paint I used spray paint. I added a layer of white paint and sanded it until I saw the brown peaking out.

The eggs came a couple of them in the bag and I painted them. I used lace ribbons I had and I added my handmade shabby chic flowers, which I love. The link to the flowers are in the description box on the YouTube video. I also added Spanish moss and it looks too cute.

The nob on top came from kitchen shutter cabinets I found. The beauty of someone’s junk is someone’s treasure lol.

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